A colourful life

Ever since I was old enough to hold a colour crayon in my fingers I have loved to draw and create.  It’s never been a particular choice, more something that is a part of me.  I love that 100 different people given just a pencil and paper could each create an artwork, common in it’s medium but that is totally unique.

I was reminded of this recently, when  I received  a surprise parcel from Arjo Wiggins,  … I was the winner of one of three signed prints by Ian Wright, as part of a creative collaboration between Wright, design agency Blast and Keaykolour Paper.  

The Print is of an artwork made using Keaykolour paper rolled into cones to create a 3d portrait of Hendrix, a common theme for Wright, whose work has been inspired by music and has been a contributor for the NME  .. it’s fab and I feel incredibly lucky to have received one of the signed prints.

It’s a clever piece of marketing.  The Exhibition by Wright showcased Keaykolour Paper, in a innovative way.  Wright’s collaboration with Keaykolour is an impressive endorsement, giving credibility.  The idea has “legs”, …. the exhibition, the prints, the competition to win the prints, youtube videos capturing the art in progress, lucky designer who won a print blogging about it, and hence effectively utilising social media.  

The film itself (above) shows Ian Wright talking about his work, and the creative process, using paper not as something to draw on but as a material, and how music has inspired his work.

Avril X

Source: https://youtu.be/dmFwI_9NfKo